Sliding Sash Windows

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In the 18th Century these windows would have been beautiful handcrafted timber. In the 1980’s the modern world demanded low maintenance, easy clean and simple to use windows so the UPVC Sliding Sash window was born. Despite its benefits it lacked the authentic appeal of the 18th Century original.
Fast forward to today’s superior style of UPVc Sliding Sash windows, they mimic traditional timber with beautiful attention to detail. We don’t just supply and install UPVc sliding sash windows we also supply and install Aluminium and wooden sliding sash windows. They all have exceptional detail and are manufactured to the very highest of standards, all you need to do is choose your preferred material.
The Angel lock detail allows the window to be partially open at the top and bottom without compromising the high security of the window. Tilting back into the home makes keeping your beautiful sliding sash windows clean a doddle. For the purists though, you can still have cords and weights.
By choosing St Edmunds Windows & Doors to supply and install your Sliding Sash Windows will be a choice you will be glad you’ve made, we want you to be completely at ease with our service and products.