Conservatory Basework

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We start with a perimeter strip concrete foundation to a depth of up to 650mm. Some installers will use a ‘scrape & pour’ technique where they dig down to a depth of around 200mm and pour in a thin layer of concrete. We don’t believe this has sufficient strength to support a conservatory, so we provide a foundation that is up to 650mm deep by 450mm wide.
Should your conservatory come under Building Control we will always comply with the requirements to satisfy the regulations. For instance if we were constructing a new conservatory with one of our solid roof systems it would be built to Building Control regulation standards.
We then start to build up the base on either compacted earth or, if required, we will infill with hardcore and compact as needed.
The next layer is ‘blind’ sand to provide an even surface for the first layer of damp proof course membrane.
This is then followed by 75mm thick Celotex insulation and a second damp proof course membrane. Not all installers will use this thickness or quality of insulation, but we want your new conservatory to be as well insulated as possible to provide you with a comfortable living space.
The concrete floor is then laid to a thickness of 100mm to provide you with a solid surface.
Finally, the concrete surface will then be screeded as standard leaving you with a smooth, level surface on which to lay your chosen floor covering unless we are finishing the flooring for you.
The cavity walls of your new conservatory will be fully insulated to a thickness of 65mm
The outer skin of your conservatory will then be finished with brickwork or render.
If you have underlying site conditions that mean a standard foundation will not be suitable for your conservatory, we can and do pile the foundations. Piling either involves drilling pile holes or driving piles into the ground. A groundwork specialist will decide the best method to use as the ground conditions determine the method to adopt.
Once the base is laid, you can choose from UPVC, Aluminium or timber conservatory, the choice will be determined by personal preference. This is something you can discuss with our Design Consultants during your visit.
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