Gable Conservatories

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Gable Conservatories take their name from the front of the conservatory, the gable shape stands proud and imposing, adding a unique triangular style which maximises light coming into the room and the view out of it. The gable roof provides a grand and stunning impact from both inside and out. The height of the front elevation gives the room a superior feeling of space. The front apex of the gable-end conservatory can be designed to look like a rising sun – often called a Sunburst.
Like an Edwardian conservatory, the Gable has either a square or rectangular footprint giving you maximum floor space and therefore versatility in your new room. The large windows extending right up to the apex makes it the conservatory style which allows in the greatest amount of light.
Innovations in conservatory roof systems give you the luxury of many roof options to choose from. Whilst budget will play a part in your decision, so will how you plan to use the room and therefore how much direct sunlight you want to let in. The most cost-effective choice is the High Specification Polycarbonate Roof. If you are looking to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer you might consider a solar reflective glass roof which has the added benefit of being self-cleaning. For a conservatory which feels more like a room of your home, you have solid roof options. The warm Roof gives you the flexibility of a part solid and part glazed roof or we have two tiled roof options which gives your conservatory the appearance of an extension.
The beautiful Gable design lends itself perfectly to a tranquil room for reading, listening to music or simply enjoying an afternoon snooze.
All our Gable Conservatories are available in UPVC, Aluminium or Timber conservatory and the choice will be determined by personal preference. This is something you can discuss with our Design Consultants during your visit.