Wooden Doors

As charming today as they were in yesteryear…

The appeal of timber doors will never fade. Timber is versatile, has character and with our security technology can act as a good defence barrier to your home. They can be designed to suit any style, classic, contemporary, country cottage or townhouse.
From external wooden doors to timber internal doors – our range is so extensive that we ensure you will find your dream door.
Our timber doors are supplied pre-hung ready for installation. We fit the finest high-performance components, secure locking systems, laminated glazing and 3D adjustable hinges are supplied as standard.
We have a huge selection of wooden door designs to choose from. Our range includes 50 classic and 25 stable door designs. On top of this, we can offer the option of contemporary or traditional mouldings, bars and panels.
Each one of our solid timber doors has been crafted to exceptionally high standards making sure that they represent tremendous value for money in terms looks, security and longevity.
One of the most important factors with doors is security. When you are deciding what door is best, you need to be completely confident that it helps to protect your home. While most doors rely on the traditional door barrel and mortise lock combination, we go the extra mile in providing a higher standard of safety when it comes to guarding your home.
Our wooden door designs have enhanced security features that offer extra security within the home. Doors are tested to PAS 24:2012, the enhanced security performance requirement for doors in the UK. These doors are also designed following the standards required by Secured by Design, the national police initiative that aims to reduce and prevent crime in properties across the UK.

UPVc Lock

The most secure door lock on the market

Our Sold Secure Diamond lock is fitted to all our doors as standard. This lock is tested against all known break-in methods. It is master locksmith-tested and has passed the SSD, also known as the toughest test in the industry. It has the highest TS007 test rating of three stars, as well as one Sold Secure Diamond – which is the standard most three stars locks can’t achieve. Its performance when it comes to protecting you and your home has very few rivals. All doors meet PAS 24 as standard and upon a slight glazing specification upgrade can be manufactured to meet the Secured by Design standard.
ultion door lock