UPVc Cladding

An ideal solution for maintenance free cladding

We offer a diverse range of beautifully designed UPVC Cladding. These are all designed for ease of use, aesthetic value and security.
UPVC cladding can transform a building. The neat, clean lines, smooth surface and range of colour means that if your home needs a facelift, this is the perfect solution.
Cladding not only looks great, but also has other terrific properties, our UPVC cladding is resistant to the following:
  • Fire
  • Moisture
  • Hail damage
  • High winds
  • Rot
  • Pests
  • Rain
It helps to insulate, acting as a second skin to your home. This can contribute to a reduction on your energy bills. Plus, with its acoustic properties, UPVC cladding can help to reduce noise.
UPVC is a massively popular construction material because it requires barely any maintenance. There is no danger of warping, corrosion, shrinkage or cracks. UPVC can stay steadfast for decades.
All this means that your home can look great without time-consuming and costly maintenance jobs, painting or sanding. Cladding is also brilliant for retaining the health of the brick, stone or timber underneath.
UPVC weatherboards are supplied in many different colours as well as textures and the robust colourfast nature of the cladding means it is resistant to sun damage and fading. We can quickly and efficiently fit your plastic cladding boards in any direction – horizontal, vertical or diagonal.