With hand crafted boxed ends…

So what are Bargeboards? When you look up at the roof of your home, bargeboards are the diagonal sections that run up the side of your gable walls. They tend to be attached to a special rafter called a gable ladder.
In days gone by they used to go to great lengths to make bargeboards decorative, as the picture shows…
Although we create some decorative bargeboards we are seldom asked to do so. But if you would like something a little different, please don’t hesitate to ask.
The replacement process involves carefully removing the old bargeboards and checking to make sure the under cloak is ok, the under-cloak sits between the new bargeboard and the bed of cement that normally finishes off the roof tiling.
Where the bargeboard meets the fascia run is where a skilfully crafted box end is formed to finish the detail and make it look as original as possible
Once we have finished replacing your bargeboards all the old waste materials are cleared up and the site left neat and tidy.