Shaped Conservatories

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Shaped Conservatories come in 3 distinctive styles. A P-Shaped conservatory combines a Lean-To with a Victorian. The lean-to element can be finished with either a lean-to roof or a hipped roof and the Victorian element can be 3 or 5 faceted.
An L-Shaped conservatory is very similar to the P-Shaped but would combine a Lean-to with an Edwardian or gable for a more angular finished style.
Both the P-Shaped and L-Shaped designs are perfect for families where the larger part can be a dining room or additional reception room and the smaller end can be a child’s play area allowing the family to spend time together but still enjoying their own space.
A T-Shaped conservatory combines a Lean-to either side of a grand central projection which can be Victorian, a Gable End or Edwardian. The central element of a T-Shaped will most usually house your choice of doors whether that’s French, Sliding or Bi-Fold and creates an entrance to your new room. The central projection of the T-shaped conservatory creates a magnificent sense of grandeur, but it is also possible to off-set this section to the left or right.
Whichever shaped conservatory you choose, your house will feel bigger and uncluttered adding much-needed space to the house without swallowing up too much of the garden.
Your choice of roof style is almost as important as the shape you have chosen for your conservatory. Innovations in conservatory roof styles now allow you to choose the roof which best suits how you intend to use your new conservatory. If natural light is what you’re looking for we have the solar reflective glass roof which has the added benefit of being self-cleaning. If you’re looking for a roof which reflects heat and provides some shade you may want to go for the most cost effective option which is a High Specification Polycarbonate Roof. If you want your new conservatory to feel more like an extension, then we have some solid and part-solid options. The warm Roof gives you the flexibility of a part solid and part glazed roof or we have two tiled roof options which gives your conservatory roof the external appearance of roof tiles.
All of our Shaped Conservatories are available in UPVC, Aluminium or Timber conservatory and the choice will be determined by personal preference. This is something you can discuss with our Design Consultants during your visit.